Raksha Bandhan 2020

By | July 19, 2020

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What is raksha bandhan?

Raksha bandhan is very famous festival in india. This festival is celebrate over the india in different different style. But its specially celebrate between brother and sister or you can said between siblings. On this day the sister tie the piece of thread on the brother hand and in return the brother take pledge to protect his sister for his whole life. As time passed the things got changed like now brother gave gifts or money to their sister and there are lots of rakhis in market.

Why raksha bandhan is celebrating?

There are lots of story that why the raksha bandhan is celebrating but i told you the famous one or you can said the best one .

In the time of mahabhart ;the lord krishna aunt had a son name sisupal; who had the cursed of god that he had three eyes and four hands and it would become normal when lord krishna touch him but he was also killed by lord krishna. So his aunt was stressed for his son and take promise from lord krishna that he dont killed his don but lord krishan refused that but said he not punished him until his 100 mistakes when he make 101 mistake he killed him instantly.

When lord krishna killed the sisupal with his sudrsan chakra then his finger were cut and start bleeding  then draupadi tear his sari’s piece and tied on the finger of lord krishna and in return the lord krishna gave promise to draupadiIts is blieved  that he protect him from all problems. From that day raksha bandhan started.

10 Interesting facts about raksha bandhan

  1. Raksha Bandhan is also known as “Rakhi Purnima” or ” Rakhi” around the country.
  2. On Sharava Purnima, Raksha bandhan is celebrated every year and it falls in the month of August on full moon day.
  3. It is believed that to protect the life of lord Indra, his wife had tied a protective thread taht she had received from lord vishnu  for safe guarding lord  indra’s life. It happened on the day of shravan purnima and since then ,raksha bandhan is celebrated between brothers and sisters now, unlike a husband and a wife back then.
  4. it is believed that once lord krishna flying a kite and his finger got a cut. That time, draupadi tore a small portion of her sarri and tied it around his finger . In return , lord krishna promised draupadi to protect her from evil.
  5. When lord ganesha and his sister was celebrating the festival of rakhi , them ganesh sons, Subh and Labh , demanded for a sister so that they could also celebrate this festival with her. Then lord ganesha full filed their wish and created a girl from fire and named her santoshi.
  6. In the historical event , it is believed that the king Porous restrained Alexander the great frpm killing because Alexander;s wife sent him a rakhi.
  7. Raksha Bandhan is not only celebrated in India but also in other countries  like Nepal, Pakistan , Mauritius. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated widely by Indians staying abroad, as they recieve Rakhis from their sisters here in india.
  8. Over the years , the exchange times , brothers would give money as shagun to their sisters.
  9. When the relationship between hindus and muslims was sour , Rabindranath Tagore attempted to strengthen it and asked them to tie rakhi to each other. He wanted to make them as a unit to fight against the colonial rule.
  10. This festival is mainly celebrated by hindus and jains . Still , it is jointly organized by other religious too, Which includes the muslims , sikhs ,buddhists , and christians.

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