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What is a greenhouse effect

Oxygen is usually estimated at 21% in the atmosphere. This combination of oxygen gas produces ozone gas.O2+O=O3Ozone is thus called the shield of the earth. It is a habit-blowing gas that absorbs the ultraviolet UV rays coming from the sun. These UV rays cause a lot of skin diseases, diseases like reva or skin cancer,… Read More »

Rusting of iron and this remedies

We often see the process as iron is corrosion in life. Do you know how this seems to be rust?. The process of corrosion is a change that affects iron objects and gradually destroys them. Iron is usually used in many places. Thus, the chemical process occurs when carbon dioxide and lime water are drained.CO2+CA(OH)2… Read More »

How to get free free power

In this age of inflation, I had an idea that if we can build electricity at home, friends, this thing has now been possible. So friends, we can set up a small power plant at home, on the dhaba or in the market. When we talk about our electricity bill now, we can also set… Read More »