Conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy

By | October 10, 2021

Friends, In the modern age, when the use of electricity is being widely used, the increasing amount of this electricity cannot be dried up by ordinary households. So we will see that we produce electricity with a simple experiment.

Power plant

After taking the first three plastic buckets, mix some soil, some sand and a little salt in all the three buckets and fill the whole bucket with water. Now stir the mixture and then put copper, zinc and copper rods in these three buckets respectively and join the three Alias in the series with a normal power cable, Now the cables of these three rods will be combined into a series of each other, from which the chemical substances in the bucket will start converting from chemical energy to their electricity.

Thus, at both the end of this rod, we are able to get free energy.
With the power generated by this method, we can generally charge the mobile battery
Can run 0.5 volt bulbs
We can also operate common devices like fans, tubelights, etc.
Thus, through general experiments, we can get free energy at a lower cost, in a short time.

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