Rusting of iron and this remedies

By | October 12, 2021

We often see the process as iron is corrosion in life. Do you know how this seems to be rust?. The process of corrosion is a change that affects iron objects and gradually destroys them. Iron is usually used in many places.

Thus, the chemical process occurs when carbon dioxide and lime water are drained.
CO2+CA(OH)2 -> CACO3+H2O

So thus we can also produce H2O water and CaCO3 lime with a mixture of carbon dioxide and calcium hydroxai Ca (oH)3. Now the ingredient responsible for corrosion is the moisture in the air.



Thus, if you look at the above, the combination of oxygen and water in the moisture of the atmosphere on iron makes the rust. Now sleep to avoid this rust?.

So let’s see if it is layered with color or grease, or a comium (Cr) or zinc (Zn) metal dhol on the iron, which is not called galvanijesan. Doing so does not rust the iron.

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