What is a greenhouse effect

By | October 12, 2021

Oxygen is usually estimated at 21% in the atmosphere. This combination of oxygen gas produces ozone gas.
Ozone is thus called the shield of the earth. It is a habit-blowing gas that absorbs the ultraviolet UV rays coming from the sun. These UV rays cause a lot of skin diseases, diseases like reva or skin cancer, cataracts, rheaceousness, etc.

Ozone levels are located at an altitude of 18 km above the earth’s surface. As well as oxidation and beaz gathering, friends form body and water.

Acid+beij=shar +water

Thus, friends, we can also produce water (H2O), the chemical process of acid and beage mixture. Moist air is mainly H2O (water), CO2 (carbon dioxide) and O2 (oxygen) which maintains equality in the atmosphere.

If dangerous gases like CO2 (carbon dioxide), CH4 (methane), N2O (nitrous oxide) and water steam etc. in the atmosphere produce a greenhouse effect. As a result, the heat level in the atmosphere increases.

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